Know Before You Go: Be Prepared for CPETS!

* Please note: the information on this page is for the 2021 event and will be updated shortly for the 2022 session — which is an in-person event. *

Preparation for a Relaxed, Educational Entertaining, and Presidents-Elect Training Seminar

* Please note: the information on this page is for the 2021 event and will be updated shortly for the 2022 session — which is an in-person event. *

About the CPETS 2021 Virtual Event:

Chesapeake PETS 2021 (#CPETS21) is a virtual online training event that begins with a kickoff at 8:45am on Friday, March 5, 2021, and ends on Saturday, March 6 at 2:30 pm.

In between, there will be:

  • Two general sessions with speakers that you won’t want to miss
  • Two educational sessions working in breakouts with PEs in your District
  • Time each day with Rotary vendors and exhibitors
  • Time with your incoming DG to tie it all together for leading in Rotary Year 21/22!

After you have registered (via DACdb system) for the event, you will have access via an event code to CPETS21 MyEvent. MyEvent is a mobile app (or sorts) that provides you with easy online access — incuding via your smartphone or tablet — to your customized event schedule, including the zoom links.  (If CPETS21 was an in-person event, the app would provide the room locations at the hotel for each of your sessions.) The data there will be updated automatically as content or session times change or are updated.  Keep going back into the MyEvent tab on your smartphone, iPad, or computer. The direct link for CPETS MyEvent, where you will need to log in (or bookmark this site) and the CPETS2021 event code is:

What shoud you expect from CPETS? First, you should expect to learn a lot. The amount of information presented is considerable. Some say daunting.

Here are some steps you can take in advance to maximize your overall experience.

About Zoom:
Most of the 2021 program takes place via Zoom. The Zoom platform works best if you have a personal account set up before CPETS begins

Learning Goes Best When You Are Comfortable and Focused

Plan your working space and conditions in advance:

  • Laptop or desktop computer recommended. Tablets and smartphones may be less than full satisfactory.
    • Working camer/webcam, microphone, speakers.
    • Checking out all equipment leaves time to get help if needed
    • Optional headphones minimize need for muting
  • A working place without distractions
    • A comfortable chair and desk/workstation
    • Writing instruments and paper
    • Favorite snacks available in abundance!
    • Favorite daytime beverage for classes, evening beverage for socials
    • Airplane mode is highly recommended for your smartphone during classes

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Most live zoom sessions are being recorded. Turn off your webcam if recording creates a problem.
  • Keep yourself muted except when planning to talk, TIP: when on mute, your keyboard space bar toggles your microphone on when held down. (Press and hold space bar to talk)
  • Review the chat feature and use for private sidebar conversations
  • Understand the Raise Hand feature that is frequently used to solicit comments or questions.

During all CPETS sessions, please “be there” with 100% of your attention focused — and really listen and learn!